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Cherry Ripe

Lynne Lumsden Green is enjoying the aging process, contrary to all expectations. She completed a Bachelor's Degree in Science, and after her midlife crisis went back and completed a B.A. in Creative Writing. She writes both fiction and nonfiction, and owns more books than bookshelves.

By the time of his inauguration in 1789, thanks to the curse of cherry tree kraneiai, George Washington had only one tooth left in his mouth. When he had chopped at the tree as a child, the resident fairy laid a spell on him that everything of the cherry would act against him. He loved cherry pie and cherry tarts. They rotted his teeth faster than an acid bath.
Contrary to popular legend, George's dentures were not made of wood. That might have been fatal if any had been made of cherry wood. No one holds a grudge longer than a fairy.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, April 2nd, 2020

Author Comments

This story was inspired by discovering that classical tree fairies came in as many varieties as there are trees. As well, I had been reading about the mythos behind George Washington. I had a mental train smash and this story was the product.

- Lynne Lumsden Green
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