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Eric Brown writes stories in a small, rural Ohio town where he is also completing his Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Southern New Hampshire University. He has presented two critical analyses on the works of Stephen King at the 2019 and 2021 Popular Culture Association National Conference.

This kind of thing happens a lot in Folkway. I wouldn't let it worry you; you'll get used to it, as strange as that might sound. Around four years ago, we had nine vanish right inside of Mac's Pharmacy. In broad daylight. Just poof, gone, and the only thing left was the clothes and the little things like you see here--wallets, rings, tooth fillings. We write up the forms and send those over to the main office in Briggs, where they look into it. Of course, nothing comes of it, but we don't make waves: not anymore. Well, Junior, would you mind handing me--
Ah... damn. Cunningham? Can you get me another form? Yeah, the new guy... I'll get the uniform in a box; I guess we'll throw in that prosthetic leg too... no, that's all right. Leave it in the shoe.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, December 16th, 2021

Author Comments

While brief and certainly up for interpretation, "Folkway" highlights how repeated (often disturbing) events in our lives can often manifest indifference. While writing this story, I wanted to present a wholly unusual situation--the sudden vanishment of people in a town called Folkway--and showcase characters who have experienced the alarming disappearances so often they become unresponsive to them. Think of some of the more distressing incidents in our own real world, how often they occur, and how frequently apathy sets in.

- Eric Brown
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