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Not mature enough for that

Michael Collard enjoys being a father to his young children. Since they were young enough to listen, he's been telling them bedtime stories to help them wind down from the day. Some days they really enjoy hearing a story, while other days they just want an excuse to stay up. Regardless of the reason, there is magic in creating and telling stories and seeing how an idea can enlighten another's day.

"Just a little help"
"But Dad, they're hilarious. They'd make a great contribution to the galactic culture. Everyone will find them entertaining."
"Just some help with the physics. They're so inefficient. At this rate they won't leave the planet for a long time."
"Getting to space is just a side hustle for them. They barely even can reach into space. It's a hobby to them. They'll never make it with that kind of priority."
"Ok, fine. How about we help them maintain their planet? It's getting pretty bad."
"Just some help on cleaner energy, that's all. Simple chemistry changes here, change resource use over there."
Zincherion sighed and his gaze moved from the blue and green planet to his son, Jensiathon.
"They need to figure it out for themselves. They need to want it, and then achieve it. Without that desire and maturity and cooperation they wouldn't make it. "
"But Dad... Without our help, or them figuring it out soon they might not make it."
That's true my son, but that's the barrier they'll need to cross on their own. If they make it, then they'll make a great contribution out here with us. And if they don't make it, then it will be better than if we helped them out; helping them out would be like letting your three-year-old sister fly the spaceship. She's just not ready for that yet, so she would hurt herself and others. They might not make it, Jensiathon, but it's a barrier they'll have to cross and achieve on their own.
"Dad. We can still cheer them on though, right?" Jensiathon asked as his eyes grew wider.
"Yes. We can wish them luck my son." Said Zincherion.
"Then I wish them luck."
The End
This story was first published on Monday, May 24th, 2021
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