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Neither A Borrower

Simon Stanford lives in Birmingham, England. When not writing he also enjoys running and crochet, though as yet not simultaneously.

People v Dr. Evan Harcourt, 19th April 2028
People's Exhibit 17B Metropolitan Library Borrowing Record for Dr. Evan Harcourt
Gorilla : habitats, life cycles, food chains, threats / by Stephen Brend.
Borrowed: 4th February 2025 Returned: 17th February 2025
Advanced molecular genetics / edited by A. Pueuhler and K.N. Timmis.
Borrowed: 17th February 2025 Returned: 15th March 2025
Biomedical applications of synchrotron radiation / edited by Emilio Burattini
Borrowed: 17th February 2025 Returned: 15th March 2025
How to prepare the egg and embryo to maximize IVF success / edited by Gabor Kovacs, Anthony Rutherford, David Gardner.
Borrowed: 15th March 2025 Returned: 18th December 2025
McGraw-Hill homeschooling companion / Laura Saba, Julie Gattis.
Borrowed: 18th December 2025 Returned: 29th January 2026
Gifted children; a psychological, sociological, and educational study, / by C. L. Bhatt
Borrowed: 29th January 2026 Returned: 17th March 2026
Teenage expectations : the real parent's guide to the terrible teens / by Terry Lee Bilsky
Borrowed: 17th March 2026 Returned: 18th June 2026
Staying in control : anger management skills for parents of young adolescents / by Millicent H. Kellner.
Borrowed: 18th June 2026 Returned: 20th June 2026
Urgent Shelter in a difficult situation: Using your survival skills to build shelter under duress / by Emma Adelakun
Borrowed: 20th June 2026 Returned: 27th June 2026
Living in disguise / E.A. Markham.
Borrowed: 27th June 2026 Returned: OVERDUE
Learn Spanish in a hurry : grasp the basics of espanol pronto! / Julie Gutin.
Borrowed: 27th June 2026 Returned: OVERDUE
Extradition in Panama / by Emixse Victoria Soriano Martinez.
Borrowed: 27th June 2026 Returned: OVERDUE
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, February 11th, 2021

Author Comments

I was inspired to write this story after reading an article on the theme of "what do your bookshelves say about you." All the books mentioned can be found in the Library of Congress catalog.

- Simon Stanford
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