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A True Utopia

Avery Barker is a Creative Writing Major at Snow College. He enjoys writing fantasy and science fiction stories as well as playing video games, and tending his plants. He is the Vice President of the Snow Roots greenhouse club at Snow College. As a Dungeon Master he creates stories around the worlds he has built. He also enjoys eating Fettuccine Alfredo at dinner with his friends.

The ground is quiet. The cities that used to hustle have crumbled with gardens overgrown and suburbs rotted. They are mere ruins that are easy to glance over. Covered in wear and tear from thousands of years. The plants grow thick over the old broken buildings and dirt has buried the civilizations. They are the only signs of human presence left on Earth. Finally, the animals can roam freely not disturbed by mankind's unjust rule. They thrive on the Earth living out mother nature's plans. The way things were supposed to be before humans took over. The forests are flourishing, and the plant life has taken over. The coral reefs are able to live in peace once again without all of the pollution that the humans caused. The air is clean and breathable. Global warming is a thing of the past.
In the sky though, we see large cloud-shaped objects. At closer glance we realize that it is a city built in the sky. The city floats among the clouds in the sky. The metropolis thrives with happy faces filling every corner. Mankind is at its evolutionary peak. Adapted to the skies, humans have strong respiratory systems. Vitamin D is easy to come by, causing everyone to be happy. Everything is solar powered including the cities themselves. People greet each other when they walk by. They've become open and honest and don't stare at their feet when they walk. Neighbors smile and wave at each other, not burdened by thoughts of war and crime. The children run through the streets not worrying about cars or shootings. Cars don't exist anymore. There is only one mode of transportation in this sky metropolis. That's their flying pigs.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, January 31st, 2019

Author Comments

My inspiration behind "A True Utopia" was when I was working one day and a colleague of mine asked me a random question. "Avery, what if pigs could fly?" and the thought came into my head. "Well we would have a perfect society."

- Avery Barker
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