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The True History of the Betan Conversion

Will Shadbolt has been dreaming up stories for as long as he can remember. His short fiction has previously appeared in Daily Science Fiction, Nanoism, and other venues. You can read more at willshadbolt.com and follow him on Twitter at @W_Shadbolt.

When the Earth was old and the planet Beta-Centauri-12 was young, the good god sent his son Peter to the new world. He was a part of the first expedition to the solar system, one of the first humans to step on the alien ground.
Peter found new life there, which he in his infinite wisdom called "Betans." He went to these people and listened to them, for he could already understand their speech.
Some smirked at him and threatened violence, but others told him of their trials and tribulations, and he told them all of the answer, the good god. The humans he had traveled with, impressed with his learning, became his followers.
Together, they began building churches, where he lectured to the natives about the trinity.
Some Betans, however, still roamed the planet, biding their time, and when they attacked, they killed Peter. But the converted ones did not give up hope on their brethren and succeeded in having them renounce their old ways. In penance, the race left the planet, hoping to convert others to the way of Peter and of the Cross, and, with new technology the settlers had revealed to them, left behind the humans who had earned the land by showing them the truth of the universe.
Walking through the city streets after his Day of Worship lesson, Chris asked his father Hernan, "Did it really happen like that?"
Hernan smiled down at his son. "Of course, it's all true."
As they continued on, they passed a construction pit. If one looked closely at the rocks, one could see white bones and worn stones inscribed with what looked like writing, almost like graves.
But both Chris and Hernan hurried past.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, January 7th, 2021
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