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Only A Little One

Patricia Ash is the Editor in Chief of Gearhearts Steampunk Review. She has a book review blog at gearheartsmag.com. She lives in England with two cats and a husband.

It was only a little one.
It followed her home.
She didn't understand why her parents were so upset when they found out about it.
Hadn't she kept it just fine in her room? Hadn't it been quiet? It hadn't bothered anybody. She'd taken care of it all by herself.
She'd named it Grace and they'd had tea parties. Grace was not good at tea parties, but that was ok.
Grace slept in her bed, too. Grace was better than any cuddly toy. Grace had chewed the arm off her teddy bear, but she wasn't mad at her. Grace didn't know any better.
Yes, Grace had bitten her, but it was only a little bite. She hadn't meant to.
When her parents had found out, they'd thrown Grace outside. Grace cried and cried and cried.
She didn't understand why she couldn't keep her. Grace was a good friend. She didn't have any friends.
And Grace was only a little zombie, after all.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, April 28th, 2016

Author Comments

I love a story where the narrator doesn't quite understand what is happening.

- Patricia Ash
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