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"It's the dollar, that's the problem," Mary said.
The ladies nodded in agreement. They had just finished their spin class and were having their coffee. But only one because it was so darn expensive here. The city paid for the facility, you think they could lower the cost of the coffee, even if they weren't seniors just yet. They had more than enough money, the way they charged for things!
"Oh, yes. We couldn't go to Mexico this year. Or the States." Eunice added some Sweet 'n' Low and surreptitiously put some extra packets in her purse.
"Well, what do you do then?" Sharon chimed in. "You can't do anything. Everything's so expensive."
"I wish there wasn't a TV in here," Mary frowned. "It's too loud already. Why do they have to have the news on? Why can't they put on The View?"
She looked away as BREAKING NEWS flashed on the screen.
"SSH!" the next table hushed them. "Put on CNN!" someone else said.
Sharon rolled her eyes. "Really."
Someone turned up the volume. NORTH KOREA LAUNCHES SURPRISE MISSILE ATTACK IN RETALIATION TO... may have held their attention. Maybe.
"We repeat, North Korea has launched a surprise missile attack on the continental USA, please seek immediate cover... go to your basement or fallout shelter... this is not a drill... please make sure you have enough food and water...."
Outside a siren blared. Or was it the TV? It was so darn loud that you could never tell. Like when the phone rang on TV and you thought it was your phone.
Chairs clattered around them. Seats emptied.
"Well," Eunice said. "They're sure in a hurry."
"What was that about... the continental USA?"
"That's just for the States, though." Sharon decided. "Like those Pizza Hut commercials."
"Oh, I know. It makes me so mad when they do that."
The lights flickered off. The TV went out.
"Finally," Mary said. "I was just going to ask someone to turn it off. But you know how people get. You can't say anything these days."
"What's that show everybody's watching now? About the dragons?"
"Oh, I don't know. All the shows are so stupid these days."
"Someone left the door open."
Eunice squinted. "It's awfully bright outside."
"Oh, I don't know, doesn't it look like it's snowing a bit?"
"It's June," Sharon whispered.
A shock. A pause. Then:
"Well, I'm not surprised. After that winter we all had," Mary asserted.
Relieved, they enthusiastically nodded in agreement.
"Do you know what we should do? We should all have another cup of coffee, just this once."
The girls nodded in agreement and began to count out their change.
The End
This story was first published on Monday, September 20th, 2021
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