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David Davis is a Southern California writer with an M.A. in Literature and Writing Studies from CSUSM. He is most well-known for his science fiction comic series, Cosmic Dash, and his comedy comics RGBots, and Public Domain Webcomic. He loves to write science fiction but he is also particularly keen on horror. You can learn all about him at his website, .

I was 13 years old when the wormholes started appearing in front of the faithful.
At the time nobody knew what was causing them wormholes to appear, or where they led to. Most scientists were at a loss as to how to explain how spontaneous rips in space and time would appear in front of specific people and wait patiently for them to step beyond the breach. Some people were convinced by the scientists to let them test their wormholes, but inevitably the wormhole would collapse the moment someone other than their recipient approached. Hours later the wormhole would return, again prepared for its chosen passenger. Even attempts to have the wormhole's designated person run tests would fail, as though the wormholes knew what was going on.
It was ten days into the crisis when the Pope stepped forward with the answer; God was calling his people home. Not to be outdone, every other religious leader suggested the wormholes were there for their respective flocks. They weren't wrong though. It seemed as though those with faith, any faith at all, were receiving these cosmic passages. It was almost as if the floodgates had opened and the worthy were being rewarded for their faith.
It's been a year since the wormholes appeared, and they still appear to the faithful. I am not sure what has happened to those who stepped through those doorways through time and space. I hope they found paradise.
As for me, I am proud to stay behind and try to build a better world. It will be easier now, I think. Their faith led them away, but my faith in the future keeps me here.
The End
This story was first published on Thursday, July 18th, 2019

Author Comments

"Wormholes" was a spur of the moment project for me based on a desire to work in flash fiction. I tend to be involved in long serialized narratives with my comic Cosmic Dash, going as far to having a couple volumes of short stories and a novel that spun off from the comic. Flash fiction really appealed to me as a way to put together something quickly and "Wormholes" was the result. I do not know if I have a specific message with this story beyond the fact that events such as this can mean whatever a person desires them to. That's the power of human imagination and belief.

- David Aaron Davis
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