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The Simulation Test

Please answer each question by circling "Yes" or "No."
Question 1: Is it possible the technology to create a digital copy of your consciousness will be invented within your lifetime? (Yes / No)
Question 2: Once the technology is available and proven to be completely safe, will you upload your mind? (Yes / No)
Question 3: If your consciousness could live digitally in the cloud, where you can create any virtual reality environment imaginable, whether alone or with avatars of others, would you live your personal version of the ideal existence? (Yes / No)
Question 4: Even if your digital life is perfect, whether you explore cyberspace or outer space, would you eventually (even if it takes thousands, millions, or billions of years) become nostalgic for the days when you were a human, living in a physical body on earth? (Yes / No)
Question 5: Is it possible that one day, humans or artificial intelligence will invent some technology to recreate perfect simulations of the past, whether from memory or otherwise, even if it takes thousands, millions, or billions of years? (Yes / No)
Question 6: If you relive your first life, would you want to remember it exactly, with no memory of your future self, just the original consciousness experiencing it for the first time? (Yes / No)
Question 7: If your consciousness is digital, won't you be able to live forever, potentially thousands, millions, or billions of years? (Yes / No)
Question 8: Wouldn't you eventually, even if it's thousands, millions, or billions of years later, want to re-experience a simulation of your original life? (Yes / No)
Question 9: Would you share your memory, or the simulation of your consciousness, if other digitally immortal people did the same? (Yes / No)
Question 10: If you lived billions of years, explored the entire universe, and still had infinite time, would you eventually try experiencing every other human's consciousness simulation, including replaying your own multiple times? (Yes / No)
Question 11: Would most digitally immortal consciousnesses do the same, reliving the lives of themselves and others before they uploaded? (Yes / No)
Question 12: If you are living a life on Earth pre-singularity, is it more likely you are in one of the googolplex simulations of lives than one of the few billion original lives? (Yes / No)
Question 13: Are you a human on earth who could potentially still be alive in 2045 when mind upload technology is invented? (Yes / No)
Question 14: Are you living in a simulation? (Yes / Yes)
The End
This story was first published on Wednesday, August 1st, 2018
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